The major benefit of each product is their ability to enhance performance in the office and equipment room enviromments .These systems are non-combustible ,solid ,quiet ,lightweight for randling ease,excellent grounding and electrical continuity ,interchangeable with other panel strengths and have great rolling and ultimate load performances . The finishes available are bare (painted for protection),carpeted (factory laminated or carpet file ),high pressure laminate (ranging in colors )and conductive vinyl file (ranging in colors).

 ℃Non-aborbency of water and damp
 ℃Excellent resistance to acids and bases
 ℃Heavy duty resistance
 ℃Excellent sound proof
 ℃Outstanding appearance
 ℃First class electrostatic conduction
 ℃Highly economical due to the raw material
 ℃Environmentally-friendly due to the raw material
 ℃Cleaning and maintenance like a traditiondl floor

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